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The Wedding Aisle

within a glance


for flute, clarinet in a, and vibraphone / 2014

“Within a Glance” is an attempt to capture a brief moment of romance, stretch the moment into roughly three minutes, and present the psychological interactions of two people in love. It opens with the clarinet stating the theme, un-harmonized, its gesture as subtle as one’s arising delight upon glancing on his loved lady. The flute soon responds with the theme, modulated, with much more intensity; the flute's state of mind as agitated as his heart while the girl gazes back into his eyes. The three-fold structure then enters the slightly anxious middle section, as if after the first glance, he thinks of pursing her, excited, yet intimidated and unsecured. The two, however, eventually overcomes all worries as they break eye contact at the end of the moment. The vibraphone only produces a rather high-pitched and gentle sound, a careful choice in order to render the intimacy and micro-scale of "a moment". Through an improvised-like coda immersed in changing colours, the piece concludes in the triumph of romance, with joy, anticipation, and faith. 







Sophie Lanthier, flute

Le Lu, clarinet in A

Michael Murphy, vibraphone


Recorded in Walter Hall, University of Toronto, November 25, 2014

Copyright © Zi-Xiao He 2014

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