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Soundtrack to Drama Scene "Jane Dies"

Scoring project with the Screen Composers Guild of Canada (SCGC), who provided the scene from a TV drama.

About the scene: the protagonist walks frantically in the hospital looking for someone. He finds an empty wheelchair in front of a patient room. He opens the door, but with great resistance. Upon entering the room, he discovers the door had been blocked by objects from within, before seeing Jane lying under the cover in bed. Confused, he sees a bloody knife on the desk besides Jane. He pulls the cover away and sees Jane in a pool of blood. He tries to call for assistance, but Jane yells breathlessly: "Wait... don't." Hesitant, he still pushes the button, before nurses and doctors rush into the room only moments later. The sound blurs; the motions slow down; the camera zooms into his face, saddened and horrified.

Recorded by the University of Toronto Symphony Orchestra, conducted by John Herberman, at Revolution Sound, on Feb 9, 2018.


Soundtrack to Animated Short Film  "Lost, Stollen, Dropped"

Collaboration with Sheridan College Animation student Tiya Zhong, "Addictiya".

From the filmmaker: 


Based on true stories.
When backtracking something important that you are not able to find, thousands of assumptions run through our head. Is it lost somewhere? Did I put it on the counter? Is it stolen?
This film is a reflection of what happens in our head.

Soundtrack to the 2018 Official University of Toronto Promo Video 

I had the honour to score for the 2018 University of Toronto official promo video “What Chapter Will You Write”. It was a piece that was asked to speak to a younger audience, in which I expressed my pride and gratitude towards my university. Soundtrack produced in Cubase 9 pro. Special thanks to my dear media composer friend, the one and only Aaron Tsang, for mixing the final track in his studio.

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